Bill lamont (blamontphotography)

Greetings... ana 1 ana 2 ana 3
Lady's and Gentleman, my name is Bill Lamont... AKA-
Moose, lamoose, lebeau,, motts, toad, FAREEK, eddy, earl, eastsloper, flatlander, shoebee, snowflake, scarecrow (if I only hadda brain?), @#!%%$#&*@!#, psycho, porker, worm, cuz, colmbs, the lung? what it iz buzz? Whats up cuz? Buby, skillet, honkey, honkey- honkey, cracker, homeskillet, homeslice, hometown, home prarie companion? whitehead,'mon, blondie, dog, dogwood, maxwell, henry, peaches, bill, billy, philly, phillybob, phillybill, phwill, phillywacko, fiesty philly, bwill, bwilliam, billium, villhelm, willy, wilhelm, Willow, Whitehead, Willameana? Did I ever tell yahz, I just love peaches n creamahz? Itsky, itsky do rod, itsky wan kanoble, itsky wan kanefsky, Mr. Bill... Oooh Nooo, YO MOE, dollarbill, bonehead, goober, drummer, turtle dad, billdoe, billdozer, billybob, wild bill, Beel (with a french accent, Oui Oui) and Beel (with a Taiwanese accent, Vegas days..what happ...u know the rest...just a friend yo), worm, whale, snail, slug, scuttles??? (o c d gull) ; -)
So please anyone with ADHD-OCD... Please just go and look at the pictures!!! If not... I'll c u on the other side... on the flip flop...keep it REAL on the backside YO!!! You gotta know when its times ta go yo, Shhawinng!!! "Its a paralax do ya dig??? Youz just move around n da small gits BIG!" ...luv it!
I call this "Digitography", which makes me a "Digitographist", and a "Digitographer" all at the same time, but its "Still" Photography!!!...get it?
And this is my Bio... I recieved my 1st drumset and camera just about the same time 2nd to 3rd grade era, and loved them both but the camera (Kodak 110 instamatic my 1st camera) and photography was always on the backburner, as far as I had time to learn about it when I was ready I guess. But I still took a load of pics with it.
So this website is dedicated to my Father who taught me how to play the drums when he bought me my 1st drumset (A Pearl RedsparkleTrapset)... And turned me on to the gift of music, how cool!!! His brother also played the drums and my Aunt said my Uncle was a better drummer...hmm, ahh to be able to go back in time...
When my dad was 12-13 he would take the streetcar in Chester to the Delaware River, hop a ferry to Philadelphia at Rising Sun Ave. then another steetcar up Rising Sun for his drum lessons every week.
l studied 3 yrs. with Don Mohn @ Caruso music, a mere 15 min. away. My Father played for Officers Club dances along with any other musical folks in the outfit to form a great dance band... (wud have loved to have heard them) for the 4 yrs. he spent in England during WW2.
He was a Crew Chief on B-24 Liberators and the B-25 Mitchell. (I have a Gallery of these planes soon to come too)... With all metals being used for the war effort, he had built a highhat out of a .50 caliber machine gun...kinda a Badass stuff... the drums were donated by the Red Cross as were the other instruments the band had...I have 1 pic. of him behind his kit in the War...It was 1inch by 1inch in size er 1 n 1/2...very small.
This site is also dedicated to my Mom for buying me my 1st 110 Kodak Camera for Xmass... (I'm sure she did). But for also being a Great and Loving Mom!!! She is a retired RN, and never ever told me to stop playin my Drums in the basement when I practiced... Only Pop had that power...He is the 1st one who taught me...*-) Both of my parents were raised thru the Great Depression era. My folks rocked, and they were actually Cool!!!
And OK yes last but not least to my older Sis who turned me onto RMSP...This site would not have been possible without her, Thanx Shelly!!!
I played drums from grade school thru HS, as well as stage band, concert band, marching band...
(One time in band camp...=) Sooo... as Sunny says... and too make a long story practically endless...At the age of 19, I found myself playing drums and doing some original studio recrdings with some of the best local Rock Musicians in the Philly area in different carnations of bands and hangin out in the club scene checkin all the other bands doin the same thing in the Tristate area Philly, Jersey, and Delaware??? Atlantic Spacific was my last original band I played in with my age old friends Andy and Dave. I miss them dearly...
We did our last demo CD @ Big Sky Audio in Springfield, Pa. entitled ... As One, produced by Drew Raison ( a gem of a human mooman" -). Dave put our CD on spacific, so you can listen to us.
And remember thats Musicians and Athletes have much in common, they just utilize different muscles of the body." I believe any Instrument plays the person, as does the camera shoots the Photographer... "
" Photography and Drums also have alot in common...IE The cymbals are the color, and the drums are dark tones and the shadows and greys, but are both equal with texture because there are color and B+Wt. images etc. And they all resonate at there own frequencies, as we all do. "
In photography we freeze time, stop time, waist time, make up for lost time, make time stand still, warp time, kill time, there is no time to loose... time is of the essence,"
"Time is relative to where you are," (--Einstein,1915) "Physics is the only science, all the rest is stamp collecting":... Dali had a thing about Time, and the persistance of memory too ...
Where as a Drummer, you just Keep Time!!! All the time... Whoo Hoo OCD Heaven + -) You cannot be outa time as a Drummer, (nobody will want 2 play w/u) But you can syncopate the time... But only do this while your Band is in time tho... or the latter will occur!
"Time is of the essence"... "Time the Avenger" Ya gotta understand its all about the timing... Ahhh the metaphors and ironies, the quoteable quotes...
Astral plane with me if you will... Imagine being able to keep time, and stop time, and warp time all at the same time...WOW!!! Its gettin crazy in And picture this...don't 4 get about the Love!!! I C in 3D...)))
Sooo, I dance with my camera, moving it to the music, if there is any while I'm shooting, The pulse the beat and syncopations...the synergies the feelings, the adreneline Rush, the endorphins, the vibes of a given moment in time... that we all may share in the Magic, and share in the memeory of an image.
If you watch the news, and see all of the things that may cause a persons home to be lost, the most missed of their belongings are their pctures and photos...Memories my friends, they are that important to us as is Photography, and Photography as an Art Medium, not just as a Documentary Medium. "Time Stand Still... I'm not looking back, I want to look around me now"...
Soo anyhoo, many years later... WOE...MUCH!!!..LATER!... Methinks? With my drums in the closet (or pawn shop). Its ok tho, I can play the drums anytime or anyplace in my head... The band all married and raising beautiful families, and me divorced, I've had to use my creative and artistic juices in another way shape or form. People frown on drums in an apt. complex as do nieghborhoods.. (shudda learned ta played da geetar). The camera... It was the perfect time to go to Photography School and finally learn the camera!!!
Born in Philadelphia Hospital in Center City in a blizzard... and raised in just outside a Philly in the suburbs. I was living and working in Beautiful Missoula, Mt. (the garden city) Where the University of Montana is located...Go Griz!!! I work part time at the Hilton Garden Inn, The Missoula Conference Center/Blue Canyon Tavern. A great college town along with the folks who live here.
After HS I worked at Sun Ship Building and Dry Dock as a Sandblaster on the inner tanks of the ships... I worked on the "Gulf King" and "The New York Sun" A New Super Tanker at the time, all along the bony banks of the Delaware River... (ahh the smell) Goodetimes...
Worked as a UPS package car driver for 10+ years in Metro Philly. A proud member of Teamsters local 623, and a shout out to anyone still left in Center City Center at Oregon Ave. ...tightest ship in da shippin business, and dats no ship ^)...I am also PADI open water diver certified, I took my 1st college class at Delaware Community College... Intro to PC'S 101 where I met Prof. Eric Wellington who taught the class and Inspired me as only a Great Teacher can as well as his other students...Without his encouragement, teaching prowess, and excitement for teaching I probably would have never ventured on to a school like RMSP. Thanx Eric!!!) After that I was going to be a PC tech and got an A+ PC tech cert at DCCC, then I took their Network + course... passed but never certified
I attended job fairs and sent out many resumes, then the tech industry had just crashed in 2001 and couldn't land a job...delays, delays........."Obstacles and delays induce patience, which in turn leads to reflection." Oh well...Whatever...
Dateline: Summer 2003, I attended Rocky Mountain School of Photography, located in Missoula, Mt., Founded by Neil Chaput and his wife Jean ( I did their 1st DI (digital intensive) class in advanced digital imaging, and recieved a cert. its now called AI... Thanx 2 a seed planted in my ear from my sister (An artsy fartsy Photog in her own right), who said. "You always loved photography"... As she had done a workshop that RMSP did with Tim Cooper at the Pulpit in St. Paul Mn. And said "I should look them up"...and I did...
Education is the key... To Unlock... your Ability. It was the "Best Educational Expierence I had had since DCCC, SI would prove to be the Ultimate... The rest as they say myfriends should be or would or will be History... Learning Adobe 7.0 from the Masters of the Industry at RMSP.( All of the images on this site have been and still are edited in 7.0) An eye opening expierence if there ever was one for me as far as photography was concerened...I knew I was in the right place with the right teachers, and my classmates...WOW!!!
In 2005 I returned to RMSP to graduate their Summer Intensive course they offer on Pro Photography. Plus I also had the unique chance to learn Reiki 1 and 2 from Neil Chaput (A Reiki Master and Massage Master too...we affectionately refered to him as Yoda in the 2 groups I was in for SI @ RMSP 05) It was Awesome!!! Every Photog should go to an RMSP class once... you will C... And a Reiki class for that matter, I practice it daily... So I learned how to do the editing and fine art printing before I was ever taught how to take a picture or know anything about F-stops etc.
I also had an Uncle Floyd who carried his camera with him all the time. He was also a WW2 vet with an Engineering degree I believe and was a great Photographer and a big inspiration to me as a young kid shootin w/ a 110, he tried explaining all the tech stuff he did to take a picture... it was Chinese to me at the time, but now I know exactly what he was trying to explain to me... He would always do a slide show of his recent Agfa Slides when he was intown, I loved it! Yes he carried a light meter too. No auto anything back then.
But, I'm still an apprentice, (arn't we all?)... This was I think the conundrum that made all of this possible, maybe not? Your supposed to take SI (summer Intensive) 1st and AI 2nd at RMSP...I did them bassackwards (sooo easy for me to do that) Maybe, maybe not.... as 1 other Lady in class did too... I wonder what she has been shooting since class? Hmmm, but all the Adobe stuff will come 2 U I was assured...and it did!!! Thanx too all the folks at RMSP+ Adobe+ Canon, for improving my photography 100%
And a Teraybyte thank you to my Canon Rep. Steve Neil Photography... (A true Gem of the Treasure State of Montana), his business in Phillipsburg, Mt. AKA P-burg west O the divide, for all the help with gear and supplies... He said to me that "People (photographers) think that they are going to make a living by selling their work in Galleries etc. and that you really can't do that, your going to have to do Weddings, or shoot for a Magazine...etc. In order to make a living and put bread on the table as a Photographer"...this was in 2005... This is fine with me I've never minded working for a living. My how Photography has changed since then...
From that moment, I was tempted to prove that theory and or train of thought or reality is not always the case... Why not? Who says so? I think...Oh I don't know, maybe, time will tell, Hmm..If you ever feel or see fate knocking @ your door, look thru the peephole...Then open it!!! Carefully...Some men like being driven... just not taken for a ride! Have U ever been Shanghied??? Also there are no double entendre on this site... They are all triple...yukyukyuk...So welcome to my Experiment !-) By now I think you may see a point I am trying to make...It is education my friends... So check back please! Remember, "There's no bizz like showbizz." And "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." So... Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler !!!-)
Ciao, Bill Lamont ...)